Join us in the beginning of a journey that favors everyone and the entire environment. It’s a journey that indicates green revolution from our side and we want one and all to be a part of it.

S.G.International is the manufacturer and supplier of paper disposable items in India. We believe in well being of each and every creature on this planet and thus we have made this effort to bring into market disposable items that are made up of natural raw materials. Paper is biodegradable unlike plastic hence it does not lead to waste landfills. The paper obtained is sourced from sustainable forest in a controlled quantity. We truly believe in sustaining natural resources hence we do every bit to comply with that.

We make disposable items from paper with modern technologies, printed with water based ink of food grade kraft paper.  The cellulose present in paper is natural and biodegradable hence it does not make land polluted.  The items are magnificently designed, the colors are chosen well so that they look really trendy to kids and adults. The paper disposable items hold on to its shape well for longer period of time as it is coated with beeswax. Let’s have a glance at the products that we manufacture and supply:

  • Paper Straw
  • Paper cup
    • Single Wall Paper Cup
    • Double Wall Paper Cup
    • Ripple paper cups
  • Tissue Paper
    • Paper Napkins
    • Facial Tissue Paper
    • Toilet Roll
  • Muffin Cups

When people have become aware of how plastic is threat to nature, our step to get our mother Earth out of this threat is remarkable. We urge people to make use of paper disposable items and dump plastic forever.

Along with being eco friendly, they are available in awesome and bright colors so that it keeps you attracted. Along with its look, you can be assured of its quality too. There’s no compromise for quality.